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VDFPR-CB | Pneumatic cryogenic control valve COLD BOX application

The VDFPR-CB pneumatic valves are globe control valves with pneumatic actuator air OPEN (normally CLOSED) or air CLOSE (normally OPEN.) They are suitable for use with cryogenic fluids up to -196°C with the extended bonnet and stem bellows seal. The body is globe straight pattern flow hydraulically designed to obtain a high flow coefficient CV with low pressure drop, the "CAGE" plug is especially designed for cryogenic fluids at low temperature and also allows the use of balancing plug at high differential pressures. The actuator is a pneumatic diaphragm type with supply up to 6 barg. The stem, bellow, cage and plug is in one piece for cold box application easy maintenance .The valves VDFPR-CB are manufactured according to ASME B16.34 and comply with the 2014/68/EU (PED) standard requirements.

TEMPERATURE -196/+100 °C

  • Globe valve
  • Stem bellows seal with an extra safety seal of graphite packing
  • Suitable for cryogenic fluids
  • Stem, bellow, cage and plug in one piece
  • Balanced "CAGE" plug AISI 316
  • Plug soft seal PTFE Class VI or metal class IV
  • EQP% - LN characteristic
  • Diaphragm pneumatic actuator:13-18-18L-24
  • Spring action N.C or N.O.
  • Supply max 6 bar
  • ISO 10497 fire safe
  • PED
  • ATEX

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