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CP8000-REG | Cold protection system with control valve

The system CP8000-REG in all its version with both electrical box 2oo3-r / 2oo3-ra monitors and controls the temperature of the process gas, it reports the achievement of temperature threshold for early warning and / or act by blocking the supply in case of overcoming the second temperature threshold of alarm. The safety system consists, in general, of an electrical control panel, of one pneumatic valves of safety, one control valve, one or two solenoid valves, three temperature sensors and a pressure regulator 20 to 50 bar.
The CP8000-REG device is designed for protection of pressure equipment against the exceeding of the allowable limits of temperature. The system is classified cat. IV of directives 2014/68/EU (PED).


  • ON-OFF system
  • Temperature range -5°C -20°C
  • From DN. 25 (1") to DN.250 (10")
  • Flange connection
  • Max rating PN. 40
  • Pilot with double solenoid
  • Temperature sensor PT1000/PT100
  • Certificate PED 97/23/CE cat. IV
  • Approved for oxygen use
  • Supply 230Vac o 24Vdc
  • Self pneumatic valve 
  • Control Valve for flow regulation among temperature limits 

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